Beautiful bedroom ideas 3: bold brights

This year interior design is all about embracing bold, bright colours. For most of us our bedrooms are somewhat toned down and while this leads to a relaxing and calming ambience, if you're not careful your bedroom can become bland and boring. As we know tangerine is this year's hottest colour, but it isn't your only choice!

Teal is a great choice for bedrooms and coordinates beautifully with white to give a bedroom a fresh new look. Teal curtains with a vertical stripe pattern can add height to a room and compliments delicately patterned luxury bedding. Try to use the two colours in equal quantities so that your bedroom looks balanced and not over powered by a single colour.

For example if your walls are teal coloured use white curtains paired with a teal Roman blind to break the monotony. Creature comforts are important in your bedroom, so give your feet a little luxury by using large rugs, this is especially pertinent if you have wood or tiled flooring, and help ground your colour scheme by choosing either white or teal rugs. Don't forget that including texture is important to create a chic and stylish room which is full of character.

By using various types of bedding, such as duvet cover sets in poly-cotton and bed throws made from tactile fabrics like velour or satin. Your headboard could be another area where you bring texture into play, whether it be wood, metal or fabric covered. Bedroom accessories should be personal to you, try not to overcrowd the walls and surfaces, a few carefully chosen objects are more visually appealing than a jumbled mess (remember the odd number 'rule').

Fresh flowers will add a touch of seasonal colour to your bedroom, although I hasten to add that many people don't or won't sleep in a room with flowers – if this is true for you, the flowers can always be placed on the landing or in another room overnight. If your bedroom is on the small side reflective surface will not only help bounce light around the room they can also bring a tired looking bedroom up to-date.

Wall papers and paint with a sheen will also contribute to the lighting effects during the day and at night rather than the more usual bedside tables why not try wall mounted side lights? This will free-up your bedside table surface, helping to keep the uncluttered look.

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