Beautiful bedroom ideas 2: contrasting plain with patterns

It's the signs of a great interior when you can see the contrast between plain and patterns highlighting specific areas of a bedroom. Of course you have various routes to follow; for example plain bedding with patterned walls, patterned curtains and plain bedding, plain carpet with patterned curtains – the mixes are numerous and you can play around with them until you achieve the outcome your looking for. If you're not usually a great fan of using patterns why not try a patterned wall to emphasise the focal point in your bedroom – meaning the wall behind or just off centre from your headboard.

Further subtle use of patterns can be used on bedding to help bring the room together in a cohesive and coordinated way. A statement headboard is another good option for those who shy away from too much pattern – pattern plays and important part of interior design but it doesn't mean you have to wall paper every wall or have a patterned carpet fitted. Think outside of the box a little if your pattern shy – nature provides us with some wonderful shapes and form which have their own patterns incorporated within them.

For example a simple snow flake has the most intricate patterns when viewed under a microscope, the veins in leaves, the symmetrical form of a single flower bloom the list is endless, so there's a pattern to suit everyone! You may prefer to go for the more usual types of patterns, Paisley prints, checks, stripes, tartans, florals, etc.

Whatever pattern you decide on it's a good idea to keep the pattern in proportion to the size of the room and while you may wish it to make a statement and bold focal point too much pattern can cramp a room and stifle its style. Patterned bedroom curtains can lift a room and make it look bright and airy, while large rugs with a pattern can help keep the continuity within the room. Look for bedding which can be switched – duvet covers or bed throws which are reversible will enable you to swap from plain to patterned to keep your bedroom from becoming boring! If you really don't like patterns per say then careful placement of accessories and wall art can create natural patterns within the room.

Groups with odd numbers are favourable as this helps to balance the eye, which may sound surprising, odd numbers also make a room look less formal. If you like formality or are creating a symmetrical look then of course use evens numbers.

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