Beautiful bedroom ideas 1: traditional with a twist

This week we're going to share some beautiful ways to re-vamp your bedroom. To kick off we focus on traditional styles and bring it up to-date with a twist. For our example we're going to use blue and white as our colour scheme, however, the style will look just as good with other traditional colour combinations.

Traditional is a great style which can be researched to add a little authenticity to the age of your home. Working on the principle that small bedrooms need light colours to make them appear more spacious, by adding one piece of furniture or soft furnishings in a contrasting dark colour, for example a dressing table or a bed throw, you'll add more depth to the room.

Patterns of a floral nature are typical in traditionally styled bedrooms, they are also nearly always with a white or pale coloured background which helps make the pattern more apparent without it being too loud or garish. Small repeat patterns are ideal for small bedrooms, and another effective way to make them appear larger. If it's your bedroom you're re-vamping then choosing luxury bedding is a great way to give it differentiation from your other bedrooms and indulge yourself with just one of life's little luxuries.

If it's a guest bedroom that you're decorating your bedding should also be of good quality, far be it anyone says that you're a skinflint! Plain pale light blue curtains are ideal for complimenting your bedding and will also help to direct the light into the room during the day. While dark curtains are great during the night they can make small bedrooms look oppressive and gloomy if you're not careful. If you need to block our unwanted light at night a simple blackout lining can be sewn onto your pale blue curtains.

Don't forget to look down! Getting the flooring right is all part of a successful interior. Traditional homes usually have fitted carpets, if this is the case in your home try and keep the carpet light coloured, cream or beige are ideal, and use large rugs in blue to bring a cohesive look to the room and help ground your colour scheme.

Accessories should be personal in master bedrooms as this is your private space; in guest rooms you should also try and use accessories which are apt for the age of your home to get a authentic traditional look.

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