Beautiful Bay Windows

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

The bay window is a long standing feature across British architecture regularly and successfully used in both traditional and contemporary properties. The effective yet relatively simple use of glass to create a vast light source and elegant design feature make the window an ideal and popular style for most tastes.

Because of the unusual shape however many people do struggle to dress the area in an effective and stylish way often creating a dated or fussy look. With careful consideration however it is possible to create a clean and contemporary finish that incorporates and enhances the design within the rest of the room.

Before deciding on the exact style of your window dressing you need to consider the level of practicality required. For example, is the window in a bedroom or living room and does it look out on to a busy road? If so, it is likely you will require your window dressing to provide versatile yet very effective privacy to block out light and prying eyes! If however the window is relatively private and light is not an issue you can opt for a more stationary and elaborate style.

Blinds are the perfect option for a bay window as they can be easily fitted to each side of the bay and are a perfect and simply stylish way to add privacy. Vertical blinds, for example, provide a simple and easy to fit solution which can be drawn back to the very extremes of the bay during daytimes yet provide complete privacy when required. Available in a huge range of colours choose a neutral shade that complements your scheme and dress with a more elaborate stationary curtain to suit your taste.

As the blind fulfills the practical elements required, your curtain can include more intricate details such as a swag tail in coordinating fabric to soften the look and add some feminine style. Be careful to avoid over complicating the area with a fussy floral pelmet and dated tie backs. This will simply act to darken the area and date the design. Instead keep the lines clean and simple opting for a more contemporary box pelmet or curtain pole with eyelet curtains. The window dressing should act as a frame to the window and not try to over shadow the view.

If you would prefer to make a design statement with your blinds alone why not opt for a modern Roman or Venetian blind. Available in a variety of styles and colours, these blinds can act as a more minimalist dressing for your window with simple and chic vertical lines,  whilst also avoiding the possibility of dating your look with curtains.

To add some texture and soften the look why not position a coordinating table and place a selection of elegant vases or a flower arrangement on top. Furthermore, why not create a window seat in the bay and decorate in coordinating fabrics and scatter cushions

This feature will not only look effective in its own right but it will also act to accentuate the space made within the bay. Furthermore, you can use a fabric normally for curtains for your Roman blind offering a great compromise between the two styles. Finally, for that extra level of design why not add coordinating tassels or buttons to the bottom of the blind to help bring the design scheme together.

The bay window is often the most dominating feature within a room and thus careful consideration should be given towards its design. Remember the physical size and dominance the area already has in the room and dress accordingly to help complement yet not overpower the window.

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