Modern and contemporary design is really the dominant force in interior design throughout homes and offices. This type of design is all about clean and sharp edges, a crisp and sleek look. The furniture is almost always subtle and functional, gaining it's appreciation from its practicality, its exact place and worth. There is a trend in this design to further it by creating very square angles. This can not only be accomplished by the pieces of furniture themselves, but also by the placement of the furniture. Square in your lounge: Don't worry, it's not the kind of square where you have to become reserved and conservative, your lounge is still supposed to be a fun and exciting place to be. But placement of your furniture, by having a square design to the lounge, where furniture is literally placed in sharp angle to each other as well as any additional piece or accent can contribute even more to the design. This square design is all about taking the practical and functional to the next level and creating a space that is the most utilised. Furniture: Your furniture choices will need to reflect this square design approach, but you certainly are not limited to rectangular or squared pieces of furniture. Remember, the square is only about placement. You can have circular object placed in line to create a 90 degree angle and achieve the look. In fact, throwing in some curved or circular objects is key in this design to break any monotony. Accessories: Not only do these curved pieces break up any possible boring aspects which might arise, but they serve to retain the sexiness and appeal of a lounge. Lounges are supposed to be fun and cool and laid back, but they are also supposed to be sexy and curved pieces of furniture are extensions of the curves of the human body. These curves in contrast to the sharp angular design create a very interesting contradiction in the room and this is what can be so appealing to people and create so much appreciation. Opt for a mixture of fabrics, such as silk and faux fur for cushions and throws. Add a zebra rug with its natural curves and stripes reflecting the straight lines; use full length ready made eyelet curtains and either have them with sharp crisp hems or leave them to pool onto the floor – both styles will work well and look stunning!