A new trend in interior design and an extension of modern and contemporary design principals is creating sharp angles and increasing space by squaring. Most contemporary and recent designs you see in homes now are very much about sharp edges and crisp, sleek and long lines. And to create the sharp and open angles of a square is very easy to do in extension to this design principal. Creating this design is also very easy for the person to accomplish in their home. Not only does it open space but the simplicity and function causes visitors to reflect. In your kitchen: Square elements can be used in various parts of your kitchen. Our kitchens are a spot for us to use many decorative elements and accents and we can easily accomplish square design and use square accessories. Framing on walls and shelving acting as framing can be squared. Next time you are purchasing a frame for a picture, or the next time you are placing some shelving on the wall to hold books or decorations, construct it into a simple square. This will help achieve part of the visual element of the design. If any new tiles are being added to your kitchen, see if you can incorporate square patterns and designs into the visual. There are always going to be many tile options featuring this and there are many unique and interesting colours to choose from. Simple accessories can also be squared, such a tissue box holders, coasters can be squared, place mats. A kitchen rug on the floor can either itself be square or have square patterns. A clock can be of this shape, the mouths of glasses which we drink out of, plates can all have this shape. Design: This square shape trend is all about continuing very sharp and perpendicular angles. This sort of shape is incredibly representative of the essence of this type of style, where we think of these shapes as being, essentially, boxes, something to serve a purpose, to hold or place something on top of. Think of your windows – they are square or rectangular, dress them with ready made roller blinds to keep the square box shape in all accessories. Interior design ideas for squaring is 'in' right now and the kitchen is the spot that might allow us the most creative freedom!

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