There are actually between 360 to 400 different species of Lobelia and it is this wide range of variety and the colours in which this beautiful plant produces that gives inspiration for many home interior design ideas. As there are so many different species of Lobelia to choose from it is almost impossible to list each and every one of the beautiful colours available, but perhaps one colour which gives inspiration for many enthusiastic interior designers is the dazzling purple of one particular species of the flower. Lobelia purple is actually a very bright and almost overwhelming shade of flower and this is why you have to be careful when decorating the walls of your home with this particular shade. Instead of using this colour across each and every wall of your house, try using purple as a simple way to accent and complement other shades throughout the home. A really great and easy way for you to achieve this is by taking a paintbrush and adding a lick of paint to the edges of the windowsills and shelving also. You can then actually purchase some really cheap cushions and throws for your sofa in Lobelia purple and bright whites to create a really effective appearance which works in harmony perfectly. Other ways in which you can incorporate this wonderful colour into your home is by the use of coloured rugs. Luckily, buying rugs direct from a fabric wholesalers means you can pick yourself up a couple of them to place in your front living room. If you have a main coffee table or even a TV showcase, coloured rugs looks really chic when placed underneath or simply in front of these pieces of furniture. Keep in mind that if you do purchase some rugs, one should ensure that the colours match closely with the shades of the Lobelia that you are using. If the shades are even slightly different, this can totally work against the harmony of your room and your efforts may unfortunately come to no avail. If you would like to go for a luxurious approach to your home then Lobelia and any one of these stunningly bright colours that this flower produces will help you easily achieve this. If you are looking to create some luxury bedding then why not consider a dazzlingly bright, fiery red or a deep and exotic purple produced by this flower. There are so many colours to choose from so have some fun with Lobelias in your home.

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