Sweet peas come in a wide variety of species and the wonderfully subtle colours lay inspiration for home décor ideas in many of our homes. Pastel pink is a really chic colour to use throughout the home and the living room is an especially wonderful area to adorn using this colour. Pastel pink is actually a very subtle pink that goes well with white. Firstly, if you do not feel brave enough to paint your walls, why not try some pastel pink wallpaper as this can be easily changed in the future if you fancy redesigning your living room. When decorating your living room using this subtle shade of pink remember that your walls do not have to be one single colour. Pastel pink looks really nice when used in small details and perhaps for patterning on the wallpaper. Some nice colours that create a good contrast with pastel pink are creams and natural shades of green. To help break up a large wall, why not consider using wall decorations to give your room an extra little bit of spark. This could be something such as an abstract design consisting of simply a white canvas and pastel pink swirls and stripes. This gives your living room not only a sense of individuality but also promotes the idea of a modern and simplistic design. If you really do fancy completely renovating your living room using pastel pink, remember that whilst this is a subtle colour it can also be overdone quite easily. If you have chosen pastel pink as the dominant colour for your walls then living room furniture should consist of subtle accents of the same shade of pink. If your budget does not afford you a brand-new three-piece suite or sofa then some cheap and cost-effective cushions and throws are more than sufficient in creating a stylish contrast between the different shades. One particular pattern of throw that is always a safe bet is white and pink pinstripe which leaves your room feeling fresh, warm and simplistic all at the same time. An additional piece of furniture which you may want to consider is a foot rest, again coloured using white and small accents of pastel pink. Once you have coloured your walls, maybe chosen a centrepiece and also used throws to transform your settee, it is now time to decide how you are going to decorate your windows. You can pick up some really attractive ready made blinds that look really good no matter what approach you choose throughout the rest of the room.

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