Geraniums are a really nice species of flower that are used to decorate many homes around the UK. Mediterranean cascading geraniums are characteristic of their overflowing bouquets of bright red contrasted and against pretty pinks and stunning whites. There are numerous different species to take your colour inspiration from and a mix-and-match of many of these colours creates a really nice effect, especially as a decorative piece to the walls on the outside of your house. One really nice way for you to add that special piece of magic to the outside of your home is through the use of simple low-lying wooden troughs. Simply plant three or even four different species of cascading geraniums in the trough and place it outside one of your windows. Above this you can also plant some cascading geraniums in hanging baskets and before long your windows will be framed by these lovely flowing and appealing looking flowers. Once you have achieved this on the outside of your house, it is time to look at the interior design. As mentioned earlier, there are numerous different colours and species choose from but if you have cascading geraniums outside of your house you should also choose one of these colours to use as the base or accent colour for your interior decoration ideas. Cascading geraniums also look really great in the kitchen, so why not place a plant on the kitchen shelf in front of the window to contrast against your kitchen blinds, not only yourself, but also for passing visitors to enjoy. If we take the lighter shade of pink from one particular species of Mediterranean cascading geranium, this is a great shade to complement some of the existing colours in your house. Another way in which you can introduce this wonderful colour into your home is by changing your existing curtains. Geraniums are a well-known and popular type of flower so with a little bit of research you can pick up some lovely floral designs for your curtains and drapes with geranium prints. If you do not have a particularly large budget for your interior design project there is no need to worry as wholesale fabric can be picked up really cheaply and adapted to your particular style. Try to ensure that when choosing the colour of your proposed curtains that you match this with the colour of the geraniums that you have placed outside or inside the home. The most obvious way for you to ensure you choose the correct colour is by simply snipping off one of the flower heads and comparing against colour charts or fabric samples.