Gazanias are especially popular throughout the warmer climates of different parts of America and this is partly due to the tolerance that they have against droughts and the easy maintenance that the Gazanias have with their stunning and beautiful colours. There are actually over 40 different species of the Gazanias to choose from and yellow are especially popular when redecorating your kitchen. The bright yellow colour of one particular species of Gazania often gives people the inspiration to redecorate their kitchen using this as their base and most dominant colour. The great thing about using yellow Gazanias is the fact that coupled with many other different colours 'Gazania yellow' is really easy to contrast against. Firstly, you need to start with the walls if you are to decorate your kitchen. You do not necessarily need to use one plain colour across the walls but can actually choose two shades of yellow to match the Gazania theme for your cooking area. Depending on the overall layout of your kitchen will determine which walls you decide to paint but always try to match at least two opposing walls in your kitchen to create the desired effect. If your budget really allows you to take control and shop to your heart's desire then you may want to consider replacing the existing kitchen furniture with some pine finishings and traditional work surfaces. Pine is a really nice wood that goes perfectly with yellow and also Gazania flowers. One could say that a successfully completed kitchen of this approach is reminiscent of something we may have seen in old television series such as 'The Walton's'. There really isn't much you need to do to a achieve a kitchen of this style so once you have the walls completed and the furniture replaced, simply place a lovely bunch of Gazanias in a flower vase and place this in front of your kitchen window to contrast against your kitchen blinds. If it is not the kitchen that you are interested in then perhaps you want to redecorate your bedroom using a Gazania theme. Again, yellow are really effective and can brighten up your bedroom making you feel fresh and alive every time you rise in the mornings. You do not necessarily need to cover up the entire walls with Gazania coloured paints but simply add accents such as bedroom curtains, boudoir style cushions and throws. Finally, you may want to stretch that little bit further and purchase a couple of bedroom rugs direct from a discount online fabric store. Rugs are great additional pieces that finish off a themed bedroom perfectly so maybe consider placing one at the foot of your bed and the other as the entranceway into your new bedroom.