From pillar box red to magenta pink the combination of bright, bold colours and sophisticated interior design are often seen as an uncomfortable partnership.However, with clever understanding and careful placement of colours bright can in fact be as beautiful as beige or brown!

When looking to use strong colour within your design the first factor to appreciate and utilise to your advantage is the significant effect different colours will have on changing the mood and atmosphere within a room.Warm colours such as red, orange and pink are associated with fire, zest and energy and should be used in rooms to add a feeling of cosiness, passion or vitality.For the most striking effect, use these colours in small but well placed doses to create a contemporary design feature.

Cool colours such as blues and greens are associated with freshness, calm and nature.Because of their generally less intrusive impact these colours can be used with relatively more freedom than warm colours and work well as a monochromatic scheme.Do, however, be careful to choose shades which do not make a room too cold and hollow as this will create an unwelcoming, sterile atmosphere.

Once you have chosen your basic colour it is then time to decide where and how to apply it within your design.The most effective and also the most straightforward way to do this is by painting a feature wall in your chosen shade.Select a wall which, in terms of relative size to the other walls in the room, is neither the largest or smallest.This will ensure it is neither too overpowering nor lost within the space.Secondly, if possible, choose a well illuminated wall which reflects light back in to the room and thus does not act to darken the space or its atmosphere.Finally, consider the practical size of the room.

If a bright electric blue wall would simply be too overpowering in the space, choose a shade just one or two steps away from the basic hue to soften its impact (a blue duvet cover for example).In situ on the wall this colour will look identical but will simply sit in better harmony within the room.If a whole block of colour is not to your taste why not consider using vivid wallpaper in retro patterns or stripes.Or, shop around to find wall art at appropriate sizes and in your preferential colour and style:hung on a plain white wall this can be as equally effective as floor to ceiling colour.

Alongside wall decoration it is also easy and effective to introduce colour in to your soft furnishings and accessories.Consider using brightly coloured scatter cushions, curtains, rugs, vases, lampshades

and frames to create small accents throughout the room and bring the colour scheme together.However tempting, avoid using the same colour for walls, furniture and accessories.If you have a jade green feature wall, use neutral furniture and jade, purple and crimson accessories to match your taste.This will keep your design crisp and comprehensive…remember less is more!

Although understandably more risky than a neutral design scheme using strong colour within your interiors ensures a unique and eye catching design that exudes your personality.Finally, if unsure whether to take the plunge from lemon to sunflower yellow, remember, nothing is too permanent or can’t be removed with a good white emulsion! Suzie Newton is a blog contributor, part time photographer and a lifelong homes and interiors enthusiast, with a past, present and future in property development. You can follow Suzie and her other posts on TwitterPinterest, and Google+