Nowadays, home owners are smarter with their money especially when it comes to matters related to interior design. It then comes as no surprise to know that home owners are willing to pay top dollar for good-quality window treatments considering that windows can make or break the ambience in a room. Instead of straight lines borne of yards of fabric cascading to the floor, tiebacks add visual impact to the window design. The tiebacks are used to create designs that complement the windows while still providing for a certain measure of privacy. If complete privacy from the outside world is desired, just release one end of the tieback to let the fabric fall into place and, thus, cover the window. Tie backs aren't solely used for full length curtains they can also be used with shorter lengths as a way to bring more light into smaller rooms, thus making them look and feel light and airy. These little additions to your curtains can bring a whole new look to a room and are a cost effective way of smartening up window dressings. Tying it up also refers to the visual flow of a room. Tying soft furnishings and accessories into a room will make it more visually appealing and easy on the eye. You can use an accent colour to tie a room together in a balanced and cohesive way. Simple additions such as cheap cushions, and purchasing rugs direct from an online retailer will help you to coordinate the colours to tie in with the your décor and the rest of your soft furnishings. Likewise you can also tie a room together by the use of accessories, giving a room a theme is bang on-trend at the moment, therefore strategically placing objects of interest around a room should lead the eye to follow their placement in an orderly fashion. The same principles apply to any room in your home; you need to tie rooms together by using coordinating pieces colours and styles. This doesn't mean you can't use mismatched furniture and that you have to have matching pieces, far from it!- what it does mean is that in order to achieve balance you'll need to chose pieces which in some way relate to each other. This could be via a specific theme, by style or colour. Once you have this correlation you rooms will look chic and very stylish.