Being a trendsetter also means playing with ideas that others have overlooked. Be the trendsetter in your circle of friends by playing with unconventional fabrics as well as by using non-traditional methods of hanging these fabrics on the windows. The most innovative use of unconventional fabrics in window treatment relate to damask.

It is a luxurious fabric made from a combination of silk, linen, wool and cotton with beautiful patterns weaved in. But don't use just any damask fabric either. Avoid embroidery and pleats as well as puckering, flocking and embossing on the damask. Instead, go for graphic patterns, medallions and bright floral prints to bring an up to date look to your home.

As damask has its own pattern woven into the fabric ask online retailers for free fabric samples so that you can find the right colour and pattern to complement the rest of your soft furnishings. You could also ask for free fabric samples for other materials, such as taffeta or Jacquard to bring a variety of different textures into your rooms. With superb colour choices available and a wide range of patterns damask suits all styles of homes, from traditional to contemporary.

With its medium weight it is ideal for making your own curtains, Roman blinds, cheap cushions as well as being the ideal fabric to re-upholster chairs and foot stools. Think outside of the conventional box when playing with damask. Use its own natural beauty to enrich your home. With its traditions reaching as far back as the 14th century in Western Europe, damask is no new comer to interior design – what is new is the computerised looms on which it is made. Monochromatic or single colours have become extremely popular as the long stitch lengths of the silk or satin produce a superb sheen to the fabric making it appear to shimmer as the light reflects from its surface.

The natural sheen can be used to help light bounce around a room giving you variations and changing highlights of the fabrics natural sheen. If you don't fancy making your own soft furnishings and curtains you can opt for ready made curtains UK made from damask in colours to compliment your interior. With its medium weight, damask falls gracefully and although typically ready made curtains with a pencil pleat heading are favourable eyelet curtains can also successfully made from damask for a modern look to window dressings.