A children’s bathroom should be a place that offers them the independence to learn all of the necessary hygiene skills, whilst being both a safe and fun environment. Many companies are starting to catch on to the fact that there is a real market for children’s bathrooms amongst those with large families, meaning it is now a really well catered for area of home DIY.

The best way to achieve success when creating a bathroom your for little monsters is to involve them in the design process. Obviously you will need to establish some ground rules fairly early on to avoid tears…or a slide that begins on the roof and ends in the bath. But asking your children what colours or characters they are fond of is a good start.

Mosaic tiles are the best way to introduce colour into the room whilst water proofing it. They are available in many different colours and finishes and can even be used to create a mural or introduce some sparkle by including the odd reflective tile.

A cheap roller blind is the best way give the room some privacy as they are the most simple and therefore child friendly blinds on the market and, like the tiles, , come in a wide range of bright colours. Being a blank canvas, roller blinds also offer the opportunity for the kids to get creative and add their own artwork. Giving your children this level of input will give them some pride in their own personal area and therefore means that they may take better care of it.

A boring mirror can be brightened up with some fun transfers that really easy to apply but really add a lot of colour. Some wall art containing the same colours, themes or characters will really help tie them in whilst adding interest to a boring wall.

Buy some brightly coloured large fluffy towels and get a bath mat to match- remember to hang the towels lower than you normally would! That also goes for the sink, toothpaste holder, shower dial and anything else your children will need to be able to reach.

Fake or real flowers on the window sill are a pretty addition for a girl and for a boy a toothpaste holder emblazoned with the name of his favourite team will be much appreciated.

A children’s bathroom is a really great addition to any home with a large family. Not only will it reduce domestic traffic but it will also give your children a real feeling of empowerment through the trust they have been given.

If your children aren’t far from becoming teenagers, ensure some longevity to the bathroom by refraining from including anything too childish in terms of permanent fittings and instead stick to the lesser details which can be easily replaced.

The last but most important thing to remember is to check each and every item you intend to include in your children’s bathroom for anything that may become a hazard. Sharp edges, breakables such as glass, heavy items and particularly slippery surfaces should all be avoided.

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