Some think they are prissy, others think they are perfect, rather like Marmite you either love transparent baths or loathe them! If you don't mind baring all you'll find these see-through baths amazing.   le-cob-bath-by-omvivo_FNwmu_24431

Home Tone

This luxury contemporary bath hits all the right marks in terms of style, elegance and functionality.   6-sept-seethrough-bath

Spain Houses

This amazing bathroom uses a combination of curves and straight lines for a continuous, seamless look.   WurP0

Alligator Sunglasses

An entirely transparent bath gives the illusion of more space in a small bathroom.   ebb1c45c439549d9e2029004f8df9b10


A contemporary transparent bath oozes style and luxury.   transparent-bath

Bathrooms Design

This transparent bath tub incorporates style with the practicality of spa-like water jets for the ultimate bathing experience.   see-through-bathtub-3

Elite Choice

The transparent sides of this chunky bath has a distinctly masculine look.   baroque bathroom with see through bath tub

Home Decorista

The ultimate in grandeur and luxury, this transparent free standing claw foot bath is simply amazing.   See-thru-bath

Plumb World

A see-through bath with all the mods cons of 21st century luxury living, allows you to sit back and relax in style.   b709c53e792b7a8f5e486fe5b43e2327


A classical bath tub shape has been given the transparent look, creating a luxury style that would look great in many homes.   contemporary-bathroom


This amazing transparent bath offers a luxury bathing experience that bares-all in real style.

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