Bank holiday season has begun, but in typically British fashion, rather than sitting back and contently contemplating an extra days lie in, you are already wondering “What am I going to do?!”. It’s the same thing every time one comes around- what should be a day spent basking and lazily looking at your watch every hour to remind yourself that you just got paid another few quid for absolutely nothing, in fact becomes a day spent queuing on the motorway as every person within a 25 mile radius has had the same idea for an overpriced day out as you have! Apologies if I’m about to come across all “fun police” but I do have to keep it interior design related, have you ever thought about using the bank holiday to increase the value of your home?

As we all know, houses at the minute just aren’t selling and if one does then it will probably leave the seller with negative equity- a nightmare situation for anyone. Experts tell us the best thing to do it to stay put and invest in the property we already own. That way, not only will you end up with a home that better suits your needs, it could also mean extra profit when you eventually do sell up years later.

Today we will take a little look at the type of jobs that can be done over a long weekend.

A new kitchen is usually top of most home-owners wish lists. But as they can be pretty pricey it makes sense to do as much of the unskilled work as possible. If you are thinking about replacing your kitchen, then you could save yourself quite a bit of money by ripping out the old one yourself. It will take two people a day or two, but it will save you paying for someone else to do it. When picking out new décor for kitchen, keep it clean and modern, think vertical blinds not curtains- simple not fussy.

With the warmer weather just around the corner (admittedly it does seem to be a pretty hefty corner), many people will want to spend more time out in the garden entertaining or relaxing. Make sure that you have somewhere nice to enjoy the sun by doing a bit of landscaping. Laying a new patio or some decking is a good weekend project and can make a massive difference to the space, helping to modernise your chunk of earth and make it much more useable.

It may seem like a strange time to be thinking about it but insulating your property is a task that is sure to reap financial rewards in the long run. Making sure your property is as energy efficient as possible will result in lower energy bills in the winter months and a more sellable home when the time comes to up sticks. Insulating your loft is something you can do yourself over a weekend. You should also spot check all of your windows and doors for drafts. Good, thick ready made curtains help and draught strips that fit around window frames and door frames can be bought cheaply from any local DIY store and will help to stop heat escaping and the cold getting in.