Banish Winter Blues with a Summer Inspired Table Top

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Much fuss is made over creating a winter or festive style table top spread. The Christmas period provides so many great themes and iconography so it isn’t hard to see why. But once the holiday season is over and we have seen in the New Year, what then for are table tops? Creating a fresh, spring and summer inspired table spread will really help inject some life back into mealtimes and help banish the January and February blues by reminding us that spring is on its way.

Whilst the rich and sumptuous shade of a dark wood table top was perfect over the festive period, what we need now is a much lighter and brighter surface to build on. Sanding down the table top to remove the dark stain then applying a light or clear coat of wax is a great way to breathe new life into a table. Alternatively you could give it some French Country style with the help of some paint.

First you must thoroughly wash down the table to make sure it free of grime and dust. Next, apply an undercoat of cool green, once dry apply two coats of matt white so that no green is visible. Finally, take some sand paper to the table so that the green begins to show around the edges and the table takes on an aged but fresh look.

If you wish to leave your table untouched, instead look for lacy white table cloth in a natural material such as cotton or linen.

Spring and summer are times of rebirth and vibrancy in the natural world, so you should use this as inspiration for your table top spread. If possible look for a table cloth with a floral stitching design or bird motif.

On top of your bright and breezy table top you should really try add some colour. Place mats with floral designs and lots of colour are perfect as napkins.

Your centrepiece should adhere to the theme of new life and vibrancy, a large and ornate bowl or vase full of fruit or flowers will do the job nicely- just remember to change the fruit or flowers regularly to retain that zesty feel. If this feels like a bit of a hassle, you can now buy some really convincing artificial versions which will do an equally good job.

Another idea for a centre piece is a water filled bowl with bright white candles shaped like lilies floating on the surface. Not only does this look great in the day, it is also helps create a more intimate or romantic setting as the sun goes down.

A cheap rug in a bright colour underneath the table will not only add hugely to the vivacity of the set up, it will also help define the area by creating an obvious perimeter, adding to the feel of family togetherness at mealtimes.

Finally, ensure lots of natural light reaches your table spread by pairing down your window dressings. Hang only the lightest of curtain fabrics and pull them right back to allow plenty of sunshine to enter the space.

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