There's plenty of good cheer around at this time of year and there's plenty of good reasons to say “Bah Humbug” too! Christmas may be the be-all and end-all for many for others it's a time to get cross and crotchety and that's before the big day arrives!   1. Drawing Pin Holes

John Bush Systems

Use drawing pins to hold-up your Christmas decorations and you'll be left with a hole in your ceiling or wallpaper. Accidentally drop one and then tread on it and you'll be hopping all the way to Christmas! 2. Sellotape

Price Ninja

Sellotape can ruin wallpaper and paint work when pulled off.   3. Pine Needles

Bob Vila

If you have a real Christmas tree you'll be finding their pine needles weeks, if not months, after Christmas.   4. Glitter

Its My Blog Y All

Like pine needles you'll be seeing little sparkles of glitter for weeks after Christmas.   5. Too Much Food

Usana Blog

We shop 'til we drop for Christmas food; the sad thing is much of it will simply be thrown into the bin to make ready for the New Year shopping.   6. Too Much Clutter

Jennifer ford Berry

The tree, the decorations, the wrapping paper, the list goes on and on – leaving a home that packed to the gunnels with too much clutter.   7. Too Many People

Jocelyn and Jason

We invite family and friends for Christmas and it can quite literally turn into a nightmare as tensions build and tempers start to fray.   8. Drunkenness

Rowan Manahan

There's always at least one person who ends up drinking far too much – if you're lucky they'll just fall asleep in the corner and you can forget about them.   9. Table Sprinkles

The Budget Decorator

These little cut-out shapes are scattered across your dining table to make it look pretty – but they'll also end up on the floor, the dog, the cat, the baby – they just seem to get everywhere.   10. Faulty Christmas Lights

Tip Mont

  More Christmases are ruined by faulty fairy style lights than you may think. 13% of Christmas tree fires are started by faulty lights.