Awesome ‘No-Comply’ Skateboard Tricks

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted
The life of a skateboard isn't over just because it’s damaged or you want a new one - there’s some awesome ways to recycle and up-cycle your treasured skateboard so that you’ll never have to part with it if you don’t want to. Four skateboards used to create a set of shelves

Image: homedit

Skateboard make the ideal platform for shelves. Use them singly or make a series of boards into a rack type system. Dark blue bedroom with different skateboards mounted to the wall

Image: daddytypes

Display your old boards as wall art; with their fabulous designs and colours they’re really eye-catching.

These awesome stairs are made from undecorated skateboards. A relaxing chair made from skateboards covered with foam and black material

Image: creativefuel

Sit back and relax in this recliner and matching foot rest made from covered skateboards. Glass coffee table shaped like a guitar pick

Image: creativefuel

Styled on an Eames coffee table this chic glass topped table shows just how adaptable a skateboard can be.

Skateboards stacked to make a shoe rack

Image: jodeska

Cool shoes rack makes neat work of disused skateboards. This trendy bench is perfect of internal or external use.

Creative object are an excellent way to keep your old skateboard in visual sight. Beautiful jewellery can also be made from pieces of old skateboard. Sanded and smoothed they’re ideal for rings, earrings, bangles and pendants. Two pieces of a skateboard joined to make a heart shaped clock

Image: creativespotting

Keep up with the time with this fun and funky recycled skateboard clock. Stool made from skateboards


This wicked stool would look great at a bar or in the bedroom. Shelves on the wall made from different skateboards

Image: homedit

Sense the flow of ‘No-Comply’ with these awesome bookshelves. Dog food and water bowl mounted in a skateboard, with legs to keep it off the floor

Image: refabdiaries

Treat your pet to a raised feeding and water bowl made from your old skateboard.

Bring back childhood memories by transforming your board into a garden swing. Awesome skateboard ceiling light - amazing how the wheels become the light bulbs.

Now this really is thinking outside the box. Pieces of old skateboard have been used to create this astonishing kitchen back-splash, which is wipe clean and water resistant due to the properties of the boards.

Skateboard with hole in it shaped like a pair of glasses

Image: bonocle

You don’t have to wear your heart on your sleeve when your old board needs replacing - simply wear it on your face with these ultra-cool sun glasses. Replace the blades on your ceiling fan with shaped skateboard pieces and you’ll be able to feel the breeze of riding indefinitely.

A little more subdued but having a keyring made out of an old skateboard is a great way to carry it around with you - far less burdensome than the board itself!

Let young children enjoy your old skateboard in the form of a pull-along toy - a wonderful rainbow of colours for kids too.

A wooden be made from light wooden skateboards

Image: likep

Take a number of boards and turn them into a bespoke bed. Simply stylish it’s the ideal head and footboard for skater lovers.

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