Awesome hidden beds for kids

Kids love playing hide-and-seek, they also love having a secret place where they can spend time on their own. Hidden beds are a fabulous addition to a kid's bedroom if you have the space. Take a look at these awesome hidden beds for inspirational ideas on how you can give your kids a magical place to rest and sleep. Hidden bedroom in a wall hideaway, with cave wall art


A secret room with a magical entrance, will let them escape into a world of their own. Doctor Who fold out Tardis bed


We all know that The Doctor's tardis is an optical illusion of space and time – this tardis holds a hidden bed too! Triple white bunk bed with sleeping pods and pod lighting

Meghan Carter

These charming little beds are hidden within a wall. They offer a cosy place to sleep without being isolated from family and friends. White caravan themed childs bed

A Place for Everything

This contemporary play car houses a bed, enabling the child to shut the door to hide away. Girls hidden bed the alcove of a pink and white room

Modern Furniture Design

Making use of unused loft space provides a great hide-away for kids. Put their bed up there and they'll be able to distance themselves from adults or siblings while they sleep. Collage of wall unit with fold out hidden bed

Modern Home Interiors

Tweens and teens will adore a contemporary hidden bed that gives them more floor space. Secret bed space in a cubbyhole


This little door opens into another room for sleeping; it's a great example of exploiting every piece of available floor space.

White tent canopy over a raised platform bedDigs Digs

Open the doors to reveal an awesome hidden bed that older children will appreciate. Green lockers that fold out into a double bed


This bed is skilfully hidden behind a row of filing cabinet style storage – an awesome space saver kids will love. Aeroplane themed bedroom with bunk bed on a plane wing

Anglian Home

It may not be hidden completely out of sight, but you have to admit this kids bed in a model aeroplane is an awesome place to sleep.

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