If you thought that all young professional men lived in the same type of apartment you’d be mistaken. Just like women, men also have discerning tastes when it comes to getting their pad looking ‘just right’ and you’ll find you won’t be able to pigeon hole them as easily as you may expect.


Eclectic is a great way to go for men, enabling a variety of styles to fit neatly into on place – don’t think for one minute that this interior design style is a get-out-clause to shove any-old-thing- into a room and hope for the best. Selection of the right pieces is as equally important as any other interior design style to achieve the look.


Studio apartments are on the rise, allowing modern living to take one step up from the old crammed conditions of the past, today’s studio apartments are chic and very trendy.


Industrial Loft is a fabulous expanse of space which can look incredibly trendy. It’s the ideal style if you like a mixture of textures, rough with smooth particularly. It’s also perfect for being able to have your pedal bike in your living space without it looking out of place.

Home n Home

Themed interiors are always a great way to go if you have difficulty on choosing a colour palette or style. Themes can take on any diversity and should naturally reflect your likes, without being too tacky.

Ehome Design Ideas

Modern may be one of the easiest styles to choose; it can also be one of the more budget friendly options. To get the look just remember to keep one eye on the changes within the world of interior design otherwise it can quickly look outdated.

The Modage Cottage

Masculine Shabby Chic is great for those on a budget and prefer a more casual look, it works really well if you’re not very good at decorating and live in an older style of home. Don’t let this classy interior design style fool you into thinking that you can leave clothes strewn over the floor because it really isn’t that forgiving.

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Luxe and hotel are hot looks for the bedroom if you want to impress! It shows that you like the finer things in life and are prepared to splash your cash to get them.


Traditional doesn’t have to be boring or old fashioned. Traditional has a timeless quality which, when done well, oozes chic style and refinement.

The Enchanted Home

Designer maybe at the top of any young professional male’s dream home styles. But don’t think you have to go down the contemporary route because you don’t - this is Ralph Lauren’s bathroom so be inspired!

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