Safari, nature and animal prints are all big on the interior design front this season. Whether you want to take inspiration from the catwalks and use faux furs and animal hides, go natural or use a safari theme, each will bring a fabulous look to your home this Autumn/Winter and show that you're keeping abreast of the latest interior design trends. Let's start with animal prints and faux furs. Trendy city apartments are using these gorgeous animal prints to bring a chic look to living areas and bedrooms. Large rugs with an animal print or a faux animal hide can instantly up-date a dull and tired looking floor. The choice between real and faux is a matter of personal taste for non-endangered animals such as cow hide. The faux styles look the part and won't prick you're conscience – let's not forget that leather (cow hide) is very trendy at the moment and can be used in all styles of homes for chairs and sofas. Animal print patterns can look stunning on bedding, cushions and throws and compliment plain bedroom décor or seating beautifully. Going natural sounds a little passé these days and while many of us are still committed to doing our bit to lower our carbon footprint and help save the planet, the new natural interior design style is to be as unobtrusive as possible, letting your décor and choices of fabrics and materials speak for themselves. Wooden blinds as window dressings, along curtains hung from genuine wood curtain poles and soft furnishings made from natural materials such as wool, cotton and linen are ideal ways to go natural without it being too over the top and blatantly obvious. Furthermore with today's availability of natural materials and fabrics you won't be stuck for designs, patterns or colours. Safari themes are not a new concept in interior design styles, the Victorians loved this style to show off their prized possessions gathered from safari expeditions, however, the style has been given a fresh new edge which takes the theme up a few notches to prevent it from becoming staid and repetitive, and of course doesn't involve any taxidermy or displaying animal heads on your walls!This year Safari themes work closely with animal prints and faux furs, with the two styles easily intermingling to create an on-trend style which is sufficiently flexible to work in many types and styles of homes.

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