This year we see a decline in formal interiors as designers embrace a new casual look which focuses on rustic charm, comfort and a look which appears unconsidered. The art of personal style rather than following the 'in-crowd' is prevalent and allows us to include colours and soft furnishings which we like, whether they are considered perfect matches or not. This informal style allows us to play with colour to suit the style of our homes and our personal tastes. Weather beaten, raw and unadulterated is the key to the New Casual interiors. Plenty of tactile materials, including hand-made soft furnishings, such as hand-knitted cushion covers, throws and window treatments. Plaids, checks, leather and wool are among the most sought after materials to use and it's these which can define your home and bring about stamping your own unique style on your home. The look should be natural and unforced, which is perfect for those on a tight budget or those who have grown tired of trying to 'keep up with the Jones' so to speak. Despite the freedom of this interior design style you mustn't get carried away and include too much in your home, casual is the name of the game, not a cluttered and disorganised mess. Think about the things you love and do away with the soft furnishings which have been sitting around for a long time with no particular purpose or space – the pieces which get moved from one room to the next because you're not quite sure what to do with them or where to put them! Colours can be those you love, however, it's the more muted tones found on or in natural materials which will work best. Slate greys, mulberries, lilac, soft teal blues and natural linen colours are perfect and can be used in any combination. In the living room you could include large rugs in muted tones and co-ordinate them with full length curtains. Try your hand at knitting cushion covers or make your own from fabric if knitting isn't your forte. In the bedroom include bedding and duvet sets in soft gentle colours such as teal or mulberry. If you choose patterned duvet covers go for those with a sedate, rather than loud pattern. As New Casual is all about individualism you don't have to include any of the suggestions, we've included them to give you a starting point – from there you can feel free to do your own thing to make your house a warm and inviting home.