I'm sure you've all had a eureka moment at sometime! Within interior design it's these little eureka moments which can transform your home into a chic and trendy place which not only oozes style, but stamps your own individual personality so that the place you call home is as unique as you are. Eureka moments can pop into your mind at any time, however one way of capturing them is to use a mood-board – you can go the old route and gather, collect and arrange images, colour patches and fabric swatches and stick them onto a board or you can choose the latest digital route to capture imagery to help you bring together all the things you like in one place. Sometimes a eureka moment can occur and catch you on the hop so to speak so it's best to keep an open mind and look at things in a new way to see how they can be included in your home. Trying to emulate or do an exact copy of a room you've seen and fallen in love with doesn't always pay off and can leave you feeling deflated. Probably the best course of action is to gather 'wish list' pieces and then dwindle them down into realistic and achievable points. For example you may lust after a stunning bed-frame but if you haven't the room to do it justice the you may not be pleased with the end result. Aim high but with a level head! In bedrooms the style, pattern and colour of duvet sets can give you a eureka moment where you can team bedding with curtains and blinds or be inspired to make your own matching fabric covered headboard. Likewise, if you adore embellishments think along the lines of using cushions and throws which are richly embellished or go bespoke and make your own in a colour and style which will compliment the rest of your décor and furnishings. You may find that once you begin you'll be having brilliant ideas endlessly – let these come to fruition gently and then you shouldn't become too overwhelmed. It's also a good idea to put an interior designer's hat on – look at your rooms, your furniture layout, colours patterns, textures, lighting etc. and then think about how you can arrange them better, maybe to free-up some space or how you can inject a bold colour to make more of an impact when you walk into the room. Admittedly this will be easier for some than others and that's why interior designers exist! If you don't have your own eureka moments take advantage of someone else's!