Our next autumn/winter interior design trend is Utilitarian; which carries on from last winters trends of having home and hand crafted furnishings and furniture, recycling and creating a homely atmosphere. The use of natural products such as wood and wool are predominant in this style along with a return to a simple way of life. As such interiors reflect these aspects and unlike yesterday's post is less to do with hi-tech gadgets but getting back to nature within an urban environment. Functionality, practicality and usability other key features of this interior design style. It embraces the traditional and focuses on familiarity with a natural casualness. Colour tones are those which suggest hand crafted and bespoke pieces of furniture and furnishings, with sage greens, natural wood tones, charcoal grey, duck egg blue and dusky pinks. This style means you can recycle or buy second-hand pieces and incorporate them into your home without feeling guilty! Armchairs and sofas which have seen better days can be re-upholstered or covered with throws to bring a fresh new look to your living room. Classical pieces which have stood the test of time can sit side-by-side with modern pieces made from leather, wood, ceramics or wool. Worn leather sofas and chairs are ideal for the look, along with accessories such as hat boxes or trunks used as coffee tables. In the bedroom super king bedding and double duvet covers are brought down to earth with muted tones and a touch of nostalgia with hand-knitted bed cushions and runners. Look for pieces which offer value for money and can be adapted, or changed in the future. This new autumn-winter look isn't about making do and mending, although recycling or up-cycling play a major part, it doesn't mean that your interior can be outdated and in need of a makeover. What it does mean is that in order to create the look you can use pieces which have been passed down through the generations due to their sturdy and robust manufacture, so it will be fine to use your grandmother hand-made net curtains in your kitchen and combine them with hand-made Roman blinds. To bring this 21st century interior design idea into your home you'll have to look at ways to have the past sitting next to the future in harmony. Make your home is comfortable and familiar as you can without slipping into disorganised chaos! Make space for your one-off designs and hand crafted pots, bowls or vases so that they become a key feature of your home.

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