Our next interior design trend is inspired by make-up and future healthcare. With the use of soft, delicate colours, a variety of tactile materials this trend is based on homes of the future being highly efficient, with multi-purpose furniture and plenty of storage space. Pretty colours and comforting soft furnishings and accessories are used to create a smoothing place to live. Natural and raw materials are also used to mix with all of the latest technological advances as people look to make their homes places of perfection. The key elements of this style are tactile fabrics which are luxurious and sumptuous such as velvet, satin, silk and taffetas. Patterns include stars and those inspired by nature. This is a gentle look which suits modern and contemporary homes. With make-up being the foundation of the trend it's a really suitable look for teenage girls and those who want a new and up-dated look to pastel tones. In the bedroom double duvet covers with a simple star motif can be teamed with pale pink or nude colours to give a feminine quality to the room. To add a touch of masculinity use pale woods such as beech or maple. Use gentle lighting with soft tone bulbs and low wattage, you don't want anything harsh in this style. Teens rooms can be styled with the emphasis on cosmetics, staring with a base of soft nude and incorporating soft pinks and gentle greens. These two colours work really well together to produce a grown-up look with the main focus remaining within the teens world. Much like make-up experimentation with colours is all part of the process, simple plain accessories can have star motifs added randomly to create unique pieces of furniture and soft furnishings. A single duvet cover which has a soft background colour can be teamed with stylish bed cushions in tactile fabrics to bring texture into the room. Floaty voile curtains can be used in conjunction with blackout curtains to provide a two tiered effect in a similar way that eye-shadows are applied. This look also includes the latest technological advances, therefore curtains on remote controlled tracking is one luxury, along with healthcare incentives such as posture controlled beds, riser and reclining chairs to make life easier on joints. The soft colour tones will also provide a light and airy look to rooms which can lift the spirits and boost morale during the winter months.

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