The modular interior design style leans towards ensuring that we maximise and make best use of light and space. Surface patterns are prominent with the way light is emitted through our rooms with design features such as light-emitting diodes, use of diffused lighting and reflective surfaces can enhance the look of homes. With modern house often being described as lifeless boxes which are too small modular, space-saving furniture, along with multi-purpose furniture is going to be a key element of this interior design style. The positioning of furniture to enable people to communicate better will be paramount as well as including intimate places for 'me time', rest and relaxation. You should be looking for stacking furniture and those which connect with each one to make the best use of space, honeycomb patterns either on fabrics or in actuality with low modular seating, faceted surfaces which reflect the light and origami inspired objects will all be necessary if you're going to achieve the desired look. Clean: Due to having to make the best use of space and reflective surfaces homes need to focus on being clean – smudgy fingermarks and unnecessary clutter are a 'no-no' and will detract from the style. Futuristic: Space and labour saving devices sit very well with this interior design concept. Making rooms appear large is a priority while still retaining a home which is comforting, bright and modern. Having a bed in a bag is ideal for impromptu guests and easy to pack away and store when not required. Lighting: Diffused and refracted light is a great ways to make rooms light and airy. Choose window dressing which achieve this such as vertical blinds or Venetian blinds where you can adjust the vanes to created different lighting effects during the day time. Curtain eyelets, like those you find on eyelet styled curtains will also provide a clean, modern look through which light can shine add an interesting take on creating diffused lighting effects. Colour: The colour palette lean towards pretty, modern pastel colour tones of lavender pinks, pale blue and silver greys which are complimented and off-set by sharp greens and bright blues. These pale tones can make rooms appear large and are ideal for reflecting light. Use of mirrors can also enhance light and give the illusion of more space.

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