Some of the top interior designers have come up with some truly fabulous looks for our homes this season. The first is accepting the fact that it is going to get cold, so we'll need soft furnishings and colours which make us feel warm and are associated with winter. Log cabins: This style encapsulates our yearning to return to the wild, but with all the modern comforts most just can't live without! The log cabin style focuses on frozen lakes and the natural beauty found in snowy mountains. You'll need to think along the lines of using natural materials such as wood, rope and wool. Tartan fabrics will once again become popular to use as throws for sofas, chairs and beds. The colour schemes will include dark denim, red and black and forest greens teamed with pale rope. Wilderness: Continuing on the log cabin look wilderness captures the call of the wild and nature. Recycling and up-cycling will play a large part in this design. Hand sewn duvet cover sets and knitted bed throws and runners once again give us warmth and a feeling of security. The colours are those found in nature during the winter months, burnt orange, white and teal. Reconnecting: Again this style is included with the two previous ones. It's all about reconnecting with nature during the winter. Scandinavian patterns sit along side tartans in colours which are muted or black and white. Wood grains and their natural patterns will form the basis of wallpapers and fabrics. Wooden blinds or shutters can be used to keep cold blasts of wind at bay and provide a natural warmth to interiors. Hide-Out: This style is perfect for those who want to stay inside rather than venturing out into the cold. Basic creature comforts such as logs fires, cushions and throws will be plentiful. Double duvet covers will be warm and inviting using flora and fauna patterns in muted tones. The cold of the wintry nights will be shut out with thermal lined blackout curtains. As you can see these four styles all have the same basic theme and colour palettes enabling you to mix and match the pieces you like. They also encourage us to return to nature with an emphasis on being kind to the environment and recycling when and where ever we can.

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