Light plays a huge part in any interior design project, it's the mainstay of a successful interior. Some of the leading interior designers are capturing the use of light and using it in conjunction with the latest technological advances to create aesthetics designs for this season. A vibrant fuse of naturally occurring electric colours, such as those seen in the Aura Borealis, peacock feathers, abalone shell lustre, incorporating metallic fabrics and materials. The style is a sophisticated busy one without being too overly fussy and has been achieved by representing fast paced lives and the latest super-fast technologies which are becoming part and parcel of our everyday lives. This look offers an energetic style with eye-catching designs and colours. Geometric patterns are a key feature with the use of zigzags and hexagons along with the brilliance of diamonds and other precious gemstones. Texture plays a role with materials and products which are touch-sensitive and heat-sensitive which changes surface colours, in much the same way as natural Moonstone, and unveils hidden patterns. Luminescence: This refers to metallic fabrics, materials and polished surfaces which reflect light back into a room. Use full length curtains which have a luminescent sheen to help bounce light around a room to make it appear airier and larger. These don't have to be fabrics which are transparent in nature, if they are you can add blackout curtains as a lining to ensure the light reflects back into your rooms rather than escaping through the windows. Duvet cover sets which have an iridescent sheen will add new dimensions to your bedroom, more especially if you opt for double duvet covers with metallic threads providing a zigzag pattern or choose those which have jewel effect embellishments, although it may be more comforting to have sequins and faux jewels on bed-cushions rather than the bedding itself! Visual Effects: They key is to create visual effects by use of light and electric colour schemes, this doesn’t mean gaudy neons, but refers to those inspired by nature. Bedding sets with peacock feather colours, teamed with beautiful faux crystal lighting are ideal. Include accessories such as turquoise vases and tea-light holders. Hi-Tech: To include these within your design is perfect if you're a fan of gadgets and have a contemporary interior design. From the latest plasma TVs and Blue-ray players to remote controlled curtain tracks and roller blinds, you should include any hi-tech gadets which make your life easier!