In our final part of this mini-series we're going to take a look at dark denim, a favourite colour for teenagers and those who love their jeans! Like jeans, dark denim gives you a feeling of comfort and warmth with knowledge that denim has been around for years and will never really go out of fashion using this colour will help ensure your interior looks as good as your jeans. Dark denim in the living room: With denim being associated with a casual or smart casual look this is how your living room should also look. Move away from faded denim which was 'so yesterday' and step into dark denim to give your living room a well lived in look which retains chic style. Dark denim cushions, throws and rugs will add comfort while blackout curtains in dark denim will bring a cosy warmth to your home. Team this dark colour with caramels otherwise your living room stands the chance of looking too oppressive. Dark denim in the bedroom: Ideal for teenagers a dark denim single duvet cover can be teamed with pale denim shades to create a trendy bedroom décor. Opt for dark blue duvet cover sets with denim twill sheets which will become as comfortable as your favourite jeans, as using actual denim will be far too coarse for sleeping on! Dark denim in the dining room: Dark colours in dining rooms should ideally be used with a complimentary lighter tone or colour. This seasons pear green will add a softness to dark denim beautifully, while charcoal will give a more masculine feel to the room. If you have a large dining area damson and dark denim also work well together. Dark denim in the kitchen: Ideal for large kitchens this colour is perfect for curtains and blinds. For a quaint country feel use a slightly paler shade of denim and team with corn yellows reminiscent of working days on a farm but without the muck and more of the trendy chic charm! Accessories: Cushions made from your old jeans will look right at home. Denim patchwork bedding or throws will add a country and western touch and will also a positive step to recycling or up-cycling your unwanted jeans. Add metal buttons or studs for a more authentic look. If you're a logo collector then use the jeans' logos to add another chic twist to the look.

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