In this penultimate post in our current mini-series on Autumn/Winter 2011 colour trends we're going to be looking at ideas and suggestions of how to bring twilight silver into your home. The film Twilight can also be used as a springboard for this interior design concept so we'll be including ideas from the Twilight house as well! Twilight Silver in the living room: In the film the lounge has huge glass walls which overlook a forest, and as we don't all have that luxury for the living room we're going to focus on the colour rather than the film! Silver is a great companion of blue. It can be used to lighten a dark room and with the emphasis being on twilight subtle twilight colours of dusky pinks and the palest of oranges can be used as accents. Think along the lines of a twilight sky to get an idea of the colours to use. Blackout curtains in a silver grey with a metallic thread are ideal to bring a sparkle into your living room as the nights become colder. Twilight Silver in the bedroom: This is a sensuous colour which is romantic (revert back to the story line of the film!) and exudes chic style in a subtle and gentle way. Look for super king bedding with a silver embossed or fine embroidered thread pattern and team with plum for a sophisticated, modern look in your bedroom. Further twinkly elements can be included with modern chandelier lighting along with silver based bedside table lamps. Twilight Silver in the dining room: Silver abounds naturally in dining rooms with use of cutlery, real silver or plated it doesn't matter. Add modern net curtains or voile panels to give the view outside a hazy, dreamy look – but beware if your dining room doesn't overlook your garden or woodland, because with the internal lighting switched on your neighbours will be able to watch you eating! Twilight Silver in the kitchen: Brushed silver appliances and highly polished worktops are an ideal way of bring twilight silver into your kitchen. For a more instant and less expensive options look at your window dressing and change for half window sized net curtains to give a modern look to standard net curtains. Hang from tension rods so that you can adjust the height as and when you wish. Accessories: Anything with a silver colour will introduce twilight silver into your home. Look for table lamps with faux crystal beads, beaded tie backs for curtains along with cushions which have metallic threads, sparkly sequins and delicate embroidery.