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Autumn falls upon us

Collage Of Two Bedrooms And A Living Room The evenings are drawing in and the poor excuse for a summer that we've not had is drawing to a close (not that we'll notice any difference really) and Autumn and Winter are fast approaching. Autumn Falls upon us in shades of Purple

The key themes, trends, and styles this coming season for an OnTrend look are Opulence, Winter Florals, Oriental, Geometrics, Leather and Fur - but prominent in all of these and top of the colour chart this season is... 'Shades of Purple', not... 'Shades of Grey' (although that has been quite topical recently!)... Shades of Purple

Most of us stereotypically associate Autumn with cosy, comforting colours such as warm oranges and reds or spicy cinnamon and nutmeg shades. And rightly enough, orange is taking its place in the seasons colour trends, but in more subdued and subtle shades of the more vivid, acid-y tones that have been prominent throughout the Summer. Red, well red always finds its place on the cold run up to the Winter season and Christmas in particular. Another of the main colours for autumn is blue, particularly in shades of cobalt and dark blue. But the 'trend-leader' if you like, for interiors this Autumn, is most definitely purple - in every shade, hue, tone, and depth you can imagine. Some of the new purple palettes are warm, opulent and even seductive, but fresher, lighter, more playful palettes have not been overlooked either. Colours range from deep aubergine purples, pinkish mauves, maroons and teaberry shades to vivid violet, magenta, delicate lilacs and lavenders. There really is something for everyone.

So, if you have yourself pigeon-holed as one of those people that ... 'doesn't do purple' ... then prepare to be converted - just like me.

Purple is often considered to be a bright, brash, childish, colour, reserved predominantly for children's rooms and clothing; and yes...I have to admit that, even as a designer, who will work within whatever colour scheme a client favours (within reason), I have never been a 'fan' of purple for interiors. Personally I would never have wanted to fill a room with it - believing that - less is more with such a strong colour and preferring to add just a few stabs of it with a statement piece or two ...until now! The new seasons' palettes have completely reversed my opinion and I am now convinced that purple is very much under-used in our interior colour schemes. You can go all out with big purple statements, or take a more subtle approach with your favourite and carefully selected purple pieces dotted around the home. Whichever your preference, purple has reached maturity in a very grown up way and has rightly claimed its new found place in our homes.

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