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Autumn decorating preview 5 - mad men trend

The television series Mad Men has had a great reception here in the UK and has inspired everything from catwalks to home decorating; the latter in which we will take a look at in more detail. The show is very stylish and has helped to reinforce a love for all things retro chic along with providing wonderful interior design ideas!
  • The furniture that you see within Mad Men is mid-century modern - low to the ground, simple designs and always very comfortable! You might want to look for such designs at auctions or charity stores - you might get lucky.
  • What does seem to be very important about getting the look is the right lighting. Not only to get the right look but do get the right atmosphere if you wish to portray the sultry (and smoky) vibe. The best place to have you lights are low - think side tables, desk lamps and wall sconces. Overhead lighting will work but try to reduce its glare with dimmers or use the pendant style drum light-shade in a dark fabric. Look for elegance - table lamps UK that have brushed metallic finishes.
  • When you are at a loss for accessories, our advice is to find retro pieces such as an old telephone, glass vintage decanters for pouring out the copious amounts of gin and a display of your best glasses wouldn't go a miss.
  • Colour palettes are quite toned down with a lot of wood in the home and shades of medium to dark brown. Blues, greens and yellows show up in the home interior - but in any case they will be muted as opposed to bright. You might choose to paint with brown or a smokey shade of blue in a living space. Some home dwellers have even taken the step to covering walls in a wood print wallpaper which could either be seen as charming or going over the top - it comes down to personal taste!
  • Silk curtain fabric in cream will make beautiful lounge or bedroom curtains inspired by the Mad Men set. Certain patterns are used too in the décor such as plaid, vintage florals and hounds-tooth checks. Have fun watching the latest series and keep your eyes peeled for more of the classic 60's decorating style - we will!

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