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Autumn decorating preview 3 - quick updates

With our special feature on autumn decorating, we thought it would be helpful to some of our readers to have a post on quick updates for the new season; even for those who are always on the go - these tips will bring you instant style and refreshing new looks to boost your home décor. Furthermore, these quick updates are low budget options which will bring just enough of a change, without being too costly or overpowering.

Now we did say 'quick' updates, so let us not waste any more time and leap into the best part! · With the autumn showing up with the change of colours outdoors, a beautiful décor idea is to use the elements of nature. If you are really joyous of the new season (some of you will be!) then why not show your love of autumn with a self-made wreath on the front door.

Avoid using the colour red which will make it too festive (you don't want your neighbours to think you have lost the plot!) Instead, use leaves in yellows, orange and a hint of gold; add to this what you like but remember not to cross over in to Christmas.

Place a large area rug in the entrance hall of your home; the cold is creeping up, so it will be much more pleasant to come in and step onto a cosy rug as opposed to chilly floorboards. If you don't have the 'shoes off' rule at home, darker colours will be more convenient. Look for current trends when choosing your rug - black and white graphic prints are trendy, as are botanical prints with leaves being at the forefront.

Cheap cushion covers are one of the best ways for a quick update. The lighter, smoother fabrics of summer will be exchanged for more texture and warmer colour tones. If you can't replace covers, you can always spare some time to make your own by buying some curtain material online and sewing in a zip or some buttons to close the cushion in. You can choose autumn inspired prints are accent the room with one of the latest colour trends - try burnt oranges or rich, chocolate browns.

A good update that most homes will need anyway to help cool drafts entering the home; new curtains in a heavier fabric. Again, look for prints that have been inspired by nature and the new season or choose warmer colours. Pencil pleat curtains are a beautiful addition to windows with the advantage of a perfect hang. You can even attempt to make your own curtains by browsing curtain material online or for those who are really limited on time – ready made curtains are a great option.

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