Introduced in the 1800s, Art Nouveau is a decorative, ornamental style. Although this style was never as popular as others available in that time period, individuals who decorated their homes in the Art Nouveau style were considered to be making a statement. Asymmetry is important with Art Nouveau home design, as is achieving simple and smooth contours. In the 1800s, Art Nouveau was considered natural, incorporating images of things conceived by man. This means pictures of cherubs, female figures and plants are very in-keeping with the style. Everything about Art Nouveau design is natural and smooth, meaning obscure lines or awkward angles are out. Light colours, such as off-white and beige, are very Art Nouveau, so cover up coloured furniture with basic coloured throws. Light or dark wood flooring is also typical of the period, although terracotta tiles are just as popular. If you fancy wood flooring that has a pattern, stick to something simple and circular if possible. Circles and semi-circles are a popular part of Art Nouveau design, as they represent the sun. If your furniture is light coloured already and you have a dark floor, add large rugs in white or beige to break up the deep colour of your floor. Again, a circular rug is more in keeping with Art Nouveau style. Your room will need plenty of light and should be natural if possible. White nets or lightweight voile coloured curtains will dress your window space without stealing all the light. Choose between floor or table lamps – do not mix the two, as you want the room to stay symmetrical. Again, light coloured or glass shades will replace any light lost by using dark wood flooring. If you enjoy looking after house plants, use a couple of the same variety in your Art Nouveau room. Large plants with big, even leaves are considered typical of the period. Keep accessories to the minimum and any you do include should be as simple as possible. Wall art depicting plants or a nature-theme will add further interest to your room. Photographs in black and white will add a stunning, but simple touch to your Art Nouveau-inspired room and shouldn't be excluded. Remember symmetry is essential when capturing Art Nouveau interior design ideas; this means keeping things even and matched up where possible. Any ornaments you decide to include should be in pairs if possible. Avoid anything that is loud or over-the-top, as the whole point of this design is stylish simplicity.