Art Deco at Home

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

The Art deco style celebrated the advent of the modern age like no other expression of design. It rejoiced the birth of the automobile, the plane and the movie star with its streamlined designs. It used marble, gold and brass and was not afraid to be gaudy or monumental.


Though an obvious symbol of national pride in America, the Art Deco style wasn’t above taking influence from other cultures and ethnic motifs and almost Egyptian murals were easily adapted. Made universally famous by cities such as New York and Miami, Art Deco has continued to evolve since its introduction over eighty years ago. Today it is more popular than ever amongst those who wish to introduce a little nostalgia and pizzazz into their homes whilst retaining a sophisticated air.


Choosing an Art Deco theme as the basis of a new look for your home actually makes life a little easier than if you had chosen a style from any other iconic period. This is because of two things, firstly, the Art Deco look has a tendency to be a little eclectic meaning you don’t have to worry about sticking to any make or break guidelines. Secondly, a huge amount of furniture on sale today is actually based on the principles of Art Deco. The main principles to adhere to are the inclusion of geometric patterns and smooth clean edges.


Art Deco was all about celebrating the birth of a new modern age so the goal should be to achieve quite a sleek ambience. Furniture should be covered in piped velvet ideally in muted tones of red or plum to evoke a feeling of 1930’s Hollywood, red carpet glamour.


In terms of a general colour scheme choose either a typically New York palette of burgundy, black, white or gold or opt for the more playful Miami approach and choose aqua blue, pastel pink, orange or yellow. It is best not to mix the two colour schemes as this will result in an unconvincing finish- in order to pull off the Art Deco look convincingly you must show conviction. Generally, the living room, bedrooms and studies are suited to the rich and classy tones of the New York style whereas the fresh and vibrant colours of Miami work very well in the kitchen, bathroom and patio areas.


Really crank up the drama stakes when dressing window areas. Include thick draped curtains and tie them back into a seductive arch with some beaded or tasselled tie-backs.


As I said earlier don’t be afraid to introduce anything new you might find on your travels such as an exotic lamp or Persian rug. Such objects easily conform to Art Deco ideals in the way they use pattern and create drama.


Overall Art Deco was about embracing the new, therefore it is a style that appreciates and indeed flatters contemporary style and also one which will grow with you and learn to adapt to your tastes as they develop and change. Your Art Deco home will not need dramatic over-halls every few years, it will bend and bow and invite new ideas and fresh perspective. It is very much a home for life.

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