No matter how large or small your outdoor area you need to make the very most of it whenever you can. Having amazing seating will make the job, (if you can call sitting outside a job! ) easier because you'll have the lure of the comfort drawing you and enticing you to maybe spend longer than you'd anticipated lapping up a few rays or just chilling in a gentle summer breeze on a balmy night.   1.


It's hard to say just how comfortable this outdoor seating is, but it does have an almost magical quality which tempts you to have a try!   2.


This amazing seating is ideal for groups of people who want to share some quality outdoor time together.   3.

Design Your Way

Tea for two taken from another perspective shows the ingenuity of many designers.   4.

 Moda Benim Diyebilene

There's nothing like relaxing by the pool – it's completely effortless when you have comfortable seating that has built-in canopies to shield your head you from the sun.   5.

Le Tamid

These amazing chairs and coffee table are made from recycled tree trunks and branches.   6.

Trend hunter

This contemporary lounger has an understated elegance.   7.

 Home Design and Interior Inspiration

I'm not sure how comfortable this chair made from pieces of steel tied together would actually be, but it will make a statement in your garden!   8.

Freedom Of Creation

A new design concept for a bench provides a perfect place to perch.   9.


Oozing luxury this sunken seating area is simply gorgeous.   10.

 Light Public

Sit on a stool with it's own built-in lighting and chat to friends or just use the stools as amazing lighting for your patio or garden.   11.

The Designerpad

Sometimes less is more and these amazing little chairs hit all the right notes in terms of style and function.   12.


Get back to nature by having a stylised bench in your garden. The perfect place to sit and watch the flowers grow.   13.


Contemporary tear-drop shaped seating can be arranged in a variety of ways depending on how many people want to socialise.   14.


A curved metal bench that's made for sharing.   15.


Lounge around in comfort on this bed-like sofa, which has its own little drinks table for your convenience.   16.

Home Infatuation

Go green and have plants and shrubs growing in the back and side of concrete seating for an urban look that sits effortlessly next to nature.   17.


This amazing seat makes the ideal place to take the weight off your feet.   18.

 Web Urbanist

These chairs are stunning; they're made from metal and designed around nature and the natural world.   19.

 Mad About The House

These little white chairs evoke the feeling of daises popping up in the grass!   20.


The ultimate outdoor rocking chair?   21.

 Nice Decors

Made from rattan, this chair has a natural quality that will blend superbly into your outdoor living area.

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