Maximalism is the More Is More interior design style that is in complete contrast to minimalism. And yet, don't think it's a clutter and undefined look, because it isn't! A feast for the eyes, this interior design style is soft, warming and inviting. This style conveys a sense of fun, quirkiness and allows you to bring things into your home that many would tut-tut at.   Filling the space. The opposite of minimalism where everything is hidden, maximalism allows you to fill every space. BM_onebig_4

Brown Memsahib

Playing with colour. If you love playing with colour you'll embrace this style. Dark walls are in and plain boring white is out. engaging-best-colors-for-interior-walls-living-room

Hot Actress

Mixing the eras. Maximalist homes mix the eras with a variety of different furniture and furnishings. This isn't a mishmash of tatty old pieces, it's a creative array of items that function and work well together. Sit old Victorian next to tribal and rustic furniture and you'll get an amazing look that full of interest. eclectic-gallery-above-sofa-bhg


Pattern clashing. Think bold and daring. Break the rules and clash patterns to create a mesmerising look that's still kind to your eyes. dam-images-daily-2014-10-ta-pattern-mixing-ta-pattern-mixing-03-sao-paulo-guest-room

Architectural Digest

Texture combos. We all know that we should include a variety of textures to stop our homes from feeling cold and unfriendly. The maximalist homes uses textures at their very best to create a tactile and visual experience that's easy to live with. exotic-living-room-wrapped-in-patterned-wallpaper

Cohabitation with Design

Bright lights. Banish dim-out lights and soft ambiances. Go bright to excite and highlight all the wonderful aspects of your home. 1341913c038f05b2_4481-w500-h400-b0-p0--eclectic-living-room


Go Kitsch This style allows you to go Kitsch as much as you want! Look out for accessories that many turn their nose up at, include them in the mix! BM_onebig_3

Brown Memsahib

Displays are everything. If you have collections and want to show them off, then do so – but don't go small, cover entire walls.

Marina Giller

Looking up. Don't ignore the ceiling! This typically white space is a blank canvass for adding colour and pattern. wallpaper-ceiling

Room Envy

Evolution. Don't think you can get this look overnight, because if it's done correctly you can't. It can take years of searching for the right pieces, lots of switching and moving things to find their right position. matchy-matchy-2

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