Are you going to scarborough fair?

Eat more herbs and inject flavour and old fashioned healthy eating into your menus. Growing your own herbs isn't that difficult and with some of these ideas you'll be able to find a niche for Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme irrespective of the size or type of home you live in. Different herbs in three white planters on a window sill

Bonnie Plants

Probably the easiest way of including growing herbs is the classical pot on the kitchen window sill. Glass bell jar style plant container with leaves and herbs growing inside

Bio Bubble Pets

This cute little indoor herb garden will look stylish in a kitchen or a dining room. Bottles hung by sting at a window containing soil and plants


Create a budget herb garden window using recycled bottles. This method is great for the herbs just so long as the window isn't south facing (they'll scorch in the summer), it also acts as a form of living curtain. Wall with white tiles in a scale like design, with protruding containers containing plants and herbs

Crooked Brains

If you're serious about adding fresh herbs to your dinner, these splash back herb holder tiles as just the answer. Square blocks stacked to create shelf storage in a checked pattern and layout

Avocado Garden

Go contemporary with this awesome herb garden that can also be used as a room divider. A number of herb planters hanging from the ceiling in a kitchen


Never say you don't have a place for growing herbs when you can suspend them from the ceiling. Black and yellow kitchen with white shelves under the counter containing herbs


Incorporate a herb bed into your kitchen by growing them under your counter top. Silver planters made from guttering, attached to a black chalkboard


Give herbs a modern uplift by displaying them on a blackboard. Corrugated metal sheets with triangle grooves cut out of it, and plants growing out of the grooves

Avocado Garden

If you want a contemporary look this stunning wall herb garden unit will add a real focal point in a kitchen. A white ceramic planter hanging from the ceiling, which is hollow and contains fruit

Home Tone

This mini herb garden and fruit bowl will look fabulous in virtually any style of home, from cottage to contemporary. Teacups containing herb plants

The Garden Glove

Add a touch of Shabby Chic to your home by planting herbs in old fashioned tea cups. Two planters with built in table lamps

Markova 3011

If you don't have a natural light source, this ingenious lights are ideal for encouraging herbs to grow. Glass cups used as planters for herbs

Crunchy Betty

Get creative and think outside the flower pot and you'll find there's plenty of places herbs will happily grow. Shelves above kitchen counter tops, which contain rows of herbs growing from within the shelves

Home Esthetics

Make a living wall work to your advantage with this simple, yet very effective herb wall. This is a must for any serious cook. A herb planter on top of a goldfish bowl, with swimming fish inside


No where for your herb pots? No problem, pop them on top of your gold fish bowl!

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