It isn't only cats and dogs that get luxury treatment; fish owners also like to provide their aquatic friends with quirky and stylish homes. No more swimming aimlessly round in the proverbial glass bowl for these lucky fish they're given pride of place to look their best.

Image: theverybesttop10

It may not be the most glamorous of places to have a home but an aquarium in a loo cistern is certainly a novel idea and after all you can also gaze at them while soaking in the bath.

Image: glitternglue

Old masters are replaced with a solitary exotic fish – it may be a little lonely being pride of place in a home.

Image: gadgetsin

An old iMac makes a perfect home for fish – what better way to keep the pets you love than in a little touch of nostalgia.

Image: jokeroo

Rock fans don't even have to leave their fish at home when they're gigging if they keep it close to hand in their guitar. I wonder if fish are bothered by the noise and vibrations?

Image: thechive

You love to play Mario don't you? Well why not share your passion with your fish; you could even teach them to jump to collect the coins – well....maybe.

Image: hometone

Chic table lamp styled aquariums are the ideal place to show off prize tropical fish – don't forget to colour co-ordinate your fish with your décor.

Image: instructables

Add a touch of quirky fun to your fish tank by giving them bubble gum machine to swim round in. Perfect for homes with a retro motif. These fish must be called Cinderella and Buttons – it's certainly a great way of giving your fish new horizons.  

Image: pichost

Energy efficiency may be high on your agenda – if it is, use a light-bulb to display your fish, just make sure it's fish-friendly.

Image: markova3011

This sleek clock tower is perfect for contemporary homes and a great space saving solution if you have multiple fish. The soothing vertical air bubbles are good for the fish and bring a relaxing element you'll enjoy too.

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