Aqua aspirations

The spectrum of colours offered up by the ocean is both remarkable and inspiring, but aquamarine must be one of my favourites, the colour out of all the blue shades most associated with the sea and one of the easiest to decorate and co-ordinate with?

Boat In The Sea And Closeup Of A Sailors Knot

Inspired by the turquoise and teal tones of tropical waters, aquamarine is a cool greenish toned blue which instils a sense of calm and relaxation; and is a shade associated with the many mineral qualities of the sea and therefore understandably, with general good health and well-being.

This lofty white-washed cabin, flooded with natural sunlight, has cool aquamarine highlights balanced with warm wood and rustic shades in the accessories. The overall effect is simple and spacious but inviting. The floor length curtains in Skipper Mineral, with charming tie-top detailing, are suspended from a slim pole which has been mounted much higher and wider than the recess of the French doors, to give the entry way an expansive look. A sharp stripe aptly named Sail Stripe Mineral, complements the sail boat design and has been used for a co-ordinating blind on this and the much smaller side window, which has been treated with a single stand alone blind to keep the look clean and simple.

Rustic Cream Metal Chest And Beach Hut Decor

Clever but minimalistic accessorising has been used to enhance the nautical theme. A sea-grass rug defines the seating area and a weather beaten ship’s chest doubles as a coffee table. A casually placed pair of vintage binoculars and a map, add authentic nautical charm and a lone starfish draws the eye to an extra bit of detail above the smaller window. The well placed ladder cleverly draws the eye up to the lofty height of the vaulted and white-washed ceiling as well as adding an extra splash of aquamarine to the scheme. One could soon feel relaxed and rejuvenated after sitting here for even just a short time! Lovely!

Boat On A Pebble Beach And Another Boat On A Sandy Beach

Often the hardest part of creating new decor is deciding on a colour scheme. Sometimes the decision is based on what’s on-trend or on a favourite colour and sometimes it is governed by objects or items that have to stay in the room, or maybe even a treasured possession such as an antique vase or family heirloom. Very often, professional designers take their inspiration from nature and the elements and looking at the two images above, it’s not hard to see where the inspiration and colour scheme for this maritime collection may have come from.

Sail Boats On A Light Blue Curtains, Striped Roman Blind And White Road Table With Flowers

This cameo shot of the main image shows how all the colours have been cleverly and effectively pulled together with a few well placed accessories to create a charming and authentic ensemble. Pebble greys, aquamarine and the white of the foaming surf are all represented here, but the clever addition of the rusting lantern and table bring a touch of weather beaten rough-luxe that, far from looking scruffy or old, empathises and works remarkably well within the scheme. Clever little touches like this can help you to create an interior (or exterior) design scheme that is both effective and unique; and is proof that re-vamping doesn’t mean having to have everything new!

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