And Finish By Framing...

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Picture and photo frames are wonderfully handy tools in the arsenal of the amateur designer. Just like paint, wallpaper and furniture they are extremely effective when it comes to creating the mood or style for a room. However, unlike paint and wallpaper, frames do not require lots of time, layers, effort and possibly expense to make a difference and unlike furniture they do not necessitate a month long wait for delivery, the cleaning up of dirty delivery men style footprints and definite expense to help steer the direction of your scheme. In short, frames are the most perfect quick fix, high choice, big impact, low cost decorative items currently on the market today.

There are many different types of picture frames out there. Big ones, small ones, humorous and elegant, antique or modern; wood, metal ceramic or plastic, choosing the right frame for your photo or painting is very important.

So, considerations when choosing a frame? It all depends on which of the two categories you fall into. There are the sentimentalists- the people who are romantically searching for that perfect frame which will beautifully compliment the photo of that special day or priceless painting. I’m afraid that if this is you then I will be of little help- you possess a level of depth that a person such as myself – a professional employed to make things look nice only on the surface- could never reach!

Then there are the rest of us- the people who don’t actually even have a picture yet and only want a frame because it will look nice above their new couch! Such people are likely to have only recently realised that not all frames contain the popular piece of artwork entitled “Frame to fit 30inch by 40inch pic” and are more than likely to have a picture of a nameless man holding a random baby somewhere in their home. It is for you people that I exist!

The first thing to take into account is how important you consider the position of the frame as this is how you will create your budget. Whilst it’s fantastic that frames offer so much variety, what comes with increased choice is an extremely wide gap between the top and bottom priced frame on the shelves. Picture frames can range in price from just a few pence to hundreds of pounds. Whilst you may consider spending a fair amount for a frame which will finish off your newly decorated living room, a spare bedroom or study is probably a different matter altogether.

Once you have a budget in mind, begin to look around the room. Take into account the colour and style of the surrounding décor, look at the carpet, the settee the, curtains, the shade on the table lamp, everything- this will provide you with your palette in terms of materials, colour and style. If you haven’t yet decorated the room, think about what type of atmosphere you would like to create or what period in design you are most influence by then choose a frame accordingly.

A wood finish is a very popular choice as it is very adaptable and can be made to look formal and elegant or relaxed and natural. A wooden frame is attraction grabbing without overly flashy or ostentatious and is also able to link well with other items in a room to help create a holistic scheme. Other frames that are currently popular are ornate baroque, brushed steel and mosaic - with each style conveying its own particular tone.

The final and possibly the most important consideration to make is size. Choosing the right size frame is important in any interior scheme. It is wise to take into account the size of the wall, the scale of the surrounding furniture and the size of any other frames you may have- get your proportions right and everything else will fall into place.

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