Amazing things made from salvaged doors

The next time you change a door in your home don't throw it away or chop it up for firewood, use a little imagination, get creative and you'll be able to up-cycle it into all manner of wonderful things for your home. Never change your doors? No problem, lots of people do so go skip diving to find a door that needs your undivided attention to give it a new lease of life! Colourful recycled chairs around a wooden table


An old door makes a great country style table top. Recycling old doors to create modern wall panels


Get lots of doors from a salvage yard and create an amazing wall covering – ideal for hiding up imperfections! Kitchen larder or pantry with heaving sliding door

Oneill Studios

Use an old door to make a new door! Up-cycled window turned into a collage frame for family photos

Dish Functional Designs

Even doors with glass panels can be used to make a table top. Recycled old door into a panelled red picture frame with multiple photos


Use a door with glazed sections to make a frame for pictures or photographs. Cream wooden door hung on a wall sideways with wicker wreaths on each door panel

Made It On Monday

Or an old door with wooden infill panels to make a backboard for a wall display. Coffee table made from old doors

Dish Functional Designs

Chop an old door into three pieces to make a rustic coffee table. Stylish thrown like chair made from an up-cycled cream door, with mirror where glass panel used to be


An old door makes a fabulous back for a wooden seat. Doors re-purposed to make a frame for a sofa

Shabby to Chic Designs

Use an old door to make a sofa; plenty of plump cushions will take the hardness off! Outdoor garden bench made using old doors, topped with dark green cushions

Home Talk

An informal bench style sofa for the garden makes great use of an old wooden door.

Two old, distressed doors can be put to use as a stunning headboards. Old doors used to make a red, orange and purple privacy screen

Room Decorating Ideas

Make a tri-fold screen out of three old doors.

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