Amazing shire homes

You don't have to live in the Shire (Gloucestershire, Lincolnshire etc.) to have a hobbit home! Today is Hobbit Day, so for all of you who love Bilbo Baggins or any of the other Shire folk, Samwise Gangee for example, can be transported to a magical land of amazing Shire homes. A house built within a tree


A home nestled inside the trunk and root system of a very large tree isn't exactly the hobbit style homes we know, but I bet there's a hobbit living there anyway! Hobbit style home with grass on the low roof


A cute little hobbit home built into a grassy bank. An illustration of the inside of hobbits home

Tench ford

It would be really magical to live in a hobbit home like this. An old cottage style house with irregular stone walls

Fine Home Building

This dear little cottage has a typical hobbit style circular front door. A wide living room window in an oval shape, looking into a green house


Hobbit homes have all the creature comforts you'd need to live a peaceful life. A house in the style of a hobbit's home

Bob Vila

This is the style of hobbit home Bilbo lived in. A outdoor pod room with purple exterior and curved roof

High Life Tree Houses

A contemporary hobbit home. a grass covered hill then on closer inspection you see a number of white entrance ways into a building


Amazing Tolkienesque hobbit homes built into the side of a hill. The front door of a house, in the style of a hobbit home

Impressive Magazine

You can give your home the hobbit home look by using natural materials, wood and stone – not forgetting a circular style front door. An enchanted cottage in the forest

Beautiful Art

A magical little hobbit home in the woods. Round white house by a lake, with branches used to create a veranda and the roof covered in grass

Amazing Beautiful World

An amazing up-market hobbit home. A round cylinder room mounted on a wooden platform

Tiny house Talk

A hobbit house micro-lodge – how sweet is this?

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