Lamps probably aren't the first thing a guy thinks for when decorating; but when they do decide that a lam is needed the chances are they'll think many of them are far too girlie and will ruin their street cred! I've found some fabulous lamps especially for guys; I'm sure you'll agree they're amazing and don't have a hint of femininity about them.  

Amazing Facts

Okay, so this one isn't only for guys but it does make a great talking point in any room.  


Is their a plumber in the house? This amazing lamp is made from old pipes and taps.    

Brass Sight-Glass

Resembling a star ship this desk lamp will make a stunning addition to any guys abode.  

Digs Digs

If you're forever blowing bubbles you'll love this amazing lamp!  

Home Chunk

Shredder table lamp is functional in more ways than one.  


A light bulb splodge may just give you that Monday feeling!  

 The Chive

No use crying over cracked eggs mister! Enough said me thinks.....  


Quirky spilt paint lamp is amazing and will bring a pop of colour to any room.  

 Home Tone

This lamp is for guys who love knowing the principles of how stuff works.  

 I New Idea

I think the saying is actually 'no use crying over spilt milk'!  


Be prepared to be abducted with this cute lamp – guys do like cute things too!  

 Mom Toob

Ingenious creation, if not a little sinister.  


For guys who love wildlife this little hedgehog won't hibernate during winter.  

 Mom Toob

A wall mounted plumbers lamp even has space for plants.  

Gizmo Diva

Loving these milk LED lamps.  

The Chive

Add a retro touch with this awesome Vespa table lamp.  

 Mom Toob

Get the industrial look which has turned this retro fan into an amazing desk lamp.  


Water and electricity don't mix...ermmm well they do in this amazing lamp.    

Web Designer Depot

What no wires, that's puzzling!  

 Home Chunk

With a distinctive nod towards masculinity these leather lamps are amazing.