Amazing floors that'll make you watch where you're walking!

We may take them for granted but there's no getting away from the fact that we need them – floors that is! You may view them as mundane and unimportant however, you need to watch where you're walking in future as you never know what you may be stepping on! A stunning wooden floor with decorative design that resembles a coat of arms

Interior Design

Marquetry has long been associated with artisans and craftsmen. Typically seen on cabinets and furniture this amazing floor shows just how versatile marquetry can be on a large scale.

The optical illusion this floor creates will make you feel distinctly unsteady on your feet! White living space and home office with white and black flooring, that resembles cow skin


Splashes of black paint effects on white create a fabulous contemporary floor. Peculiar pink flooring that looks a floor of giant worms


More optical illusions give this floor an amazing visual effect. Perspective outdoor pavement artwork, that looks a earthquake ravine, with two passers by leaping over the ravine

Superb Pics

Watch where you're walking or you'll drop into oblivion! A glossy red floor in a red and white living room

Design Rulz

White and yellow kitchen with metal tube slide coming out of the ceiling

Home Edit

Shiny, glossy, reflective floor in bright red makes a real statement in a contemporary living area. Modern white luxury living space with printed flooring that looks like white and red floorboards

Home Edit

A contemporary take on floorboards give this floor a very unique look. Indoor perspective wall and floor art that makes it appear like people are floating next to buildings

The Amazing Pics

This floor may make you feel a touch unsure of where and what you're walking on. Wooden flooring that looks like lots of jigsaw pieces slotted together

Energy Dimension

If you love jigsaw puzzles you'll enjoy fitting this wooden floor together. Black and white home office and live space with swirling black and white flooring

Interior Design

This modern floor resembles a fitted carpet with a central rug – very impressive. A kitchen that extends out into the garden, with lots of patterned floor tiles covering the kitchen units and all over the floor


Mosaic tiles have been used to make this colourful floor. Cream living space, with striped flooring in different shades of blue

Pics & Photos

Variations of blue coloured floorboards give this room a trendy look. Herringbone style flooring that fades from dark green to yellow, then blue and red and burgundy in a room with white walls

Crooked Brains

A modern parquet style floor that's packed full of colour. Printed PVC flooring that looks like a beach and the sea crashing onto the shore


I love the fun element of this floor. It's the perfect way to make it feel like summer all year round! A sand resin floor with childrens footprints shaped into the floor

Creative Continuity

Have your child's little footprints embedded into the flooring will make you smile every time you step onto it. Ornate swirling squares of dark wood join together to make a stylish wooden floor


Chic and sophisticated dark wood parquetry flooring makes a statement that oozes luxury and good living. A solid glass floor inside a conservatory play room that has opening doors out to the garden

Content Injection

Glass floors are becoming increasingly popular. They have a superb reflective quality that can really make a living space look and feel light and airy. Living room and sitting area with glass floor, with a modern wine cellar below


Outdoor mezzanine glass floor, above a dining room, with modern white rocking chair by the edge of the floor


This impressive glass floor shows off you're wine cellar magnificently – a real show-off statement! Two woman dancing on a large floor piano, like from the film Big


Make music with every step you take with this whimsical keyboard flooring.

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