Clear blues skies and gardens full of vibrant flowers inspire designers to create interiors which are packed full of Summer colours. I love this post on an indian summer blog; it shows just how powerful colours can be, along with some fabulous images to get the ideas swirling inside your head so that you can create a home which sings-out with gorgeous colours. Fancy something a little more contemporary with a splash of the 60s? Flower power and punchy purple can be used to create a fabulous bedroom for teens who adore patterns and all things bright & beautiful. Be bold and daring by giving your kitchen a vibrant paint-job. Perfect for up-dating a kitchen on a budget, don't forget to pay attention to the floor to bring the look together. Bright colours always look stunning against a white background. Use Summer inspired colours to brighten up a living room in style. Simple stripes make a statement and are ideal for those who don't favour floral patterns. Using bright colours doesn't always mean you have to use a plethora of colours; select a zesty lime and team it with  bright teal and white for a contemporary look which oozes chic styling. Don't restrict using bright colours to family rooms; bathrooms and bedrooms can also be included – use plenty of textures, silk, satin, velvet for example, to give a bedroom a vibrant but welcoming look. Bright colours always sit comfortably next to white, so you can't go wrong if you have a white bath. Give an old dining room table and chairs a fresh new look by using bright neons for the chairs and keeping the table top white. A great budget friendly idea that anyone can adopt. Retro-inspired fabrics are perfect for bringing a touch of colour to a window area. Be inspired to try a bright colour in your home – if you're not sure that the look it right for you start small by adding some accessories and continue to add all things bright & beautiful until you can stand back and say 'wow'.

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