Adding dynamics with a coloured floor

Floors can be pretty boring places, while most of us focus on walls and furnishings there are few who look down! Don't settle for a plain, bland and nondescript floor when you can cold colours and patterns to add a new dimension and dynamics to a room. Two different wooden floor styles meeting within a doorway

Home Designs

Two different coloured woods adds natural tones to floors, without them becoming one huge expanse of wood.

Used reclaimed wood to make a modern style parquet floor. Chevron patterns are ideal, enabling you to use small pieces of wood rather than large planks or boards. Giving them a distressed paint finish not only adds colour it also provides a natural worn look. Red and yellow geometric mesh pattern on bathroom tiled floor

Giesen Design

Go for a bold contrast colour and geometric pattern to alter the dynamics of a room. Dark natural stone floor tiles in stylish living room, dining room and kitchen

Home Designing

Natural slate will give wonderful colour variations that blend naturally with a wide range of décors and furnishings. Industrial style kitchen and dining room with natural grey floor tiles

Floor Nature

Porcelain tiles offer a stunning neutral colour that sits well with many decorating motifs, from contemporary to Shabby Chic or even farmhouse. The pale colour has the ability to make the floor space appear larger. Glass floor framed with laminate wooden floor

AIS Glass

Place a glass section in your flooring to make a statement and add colour variations. vibrant red staircase with blue walls and shelves

Studio AFLO

Using a bold primary colour will drastically change the dynamics in any space. Bright yellow kitchen cabinets, with zigzag bright coloured flooring

Mecc Interiors

Bright, pastel colours are a fabulous way to add interest to your floor. Go for a geometric pattern to be on-trend. Lovely white and bright dining room with hints of green, yellow and a traditional geometric red rug


If you have a plain neutral floor, you'll change the dynamics simply by using a bright, bold area rug. Dated sixties dining room with bright different coloured square floor tiles

Another Mag

Bold colours work well in contemporary homes, giving a bright, vibrant ambience.

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