Unless a garden is packed with flowers and interesting plants all year round they can become pretty boring places for those not enthused by horticulture! Use you garden as a blank canvass to display amazing sculptures that will add both art and beauty throughout the year. a.baa-one-of-the-most-amazing-stat


This sculpture of a little girl seemingly pushing through a mirror has a haunting beauty. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Art in Steel

Modern metalwork sculptures can be used to add height and interest to a garden. itemsfs_2198

Sculpt Gallery

Contemporary abstract sculptures have an infinite beauty. garden_sculptures

Williamson Garden Scul

This mirrored disc is simply amazing. GARDEN-ART-2

Fantastic Gardeners

Living sculptures add fun and interest – this one has a whimsical style that all ages will enjoy. paul_margetts_30

Close New Live

A sculpture has the ability to add a peaceful tranquilly to a garden. ironvein2

The Gardening Website

Abstract in form this metal sculpture creates interest – it's probably not a practical style to have if the garden is shared with children or pets. contemporary-landscape

Pix Shark

Brightly coloured art forms add a vibrant splash of all year round – they're ideal for shady spots. bandfinished1

Art in Steel

Add an element of fun with your own band playing on the lawn! Eye,_Tony_Tasset,_2007


This eye-ball may not be to everyone’s taste – it would definitely give the neighbours something to talk about! Face_Sculpture_in_Garden

Gallery Hip

A face peacefully facing the sun has its place in many styles of garden. 7267481_orig

Stained Glass Art

Stained glass looks amazing – providing saturations of colour that change intensity in different lights. turtle


Even in the coldest of winters you can use natural materials to create fabulous garden sculptures. tumblr_mhux84HR6E1rs778vo1_1280

Kibbutz Lotan

Living sculptures made from trees may take years to produce, but the end result is well worth the wait.

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