Pantone's colour of the year is emerald. This stunning gemstone colour has a deep intensity which makes it perfect for bringing a dash of intensive colour into your home's décor. Other shades of green are also very relevant, with a variety of shades being inspired by nature. Green is renowned for its rejuvenating and energising abilities making it ideal for rooms which need perking up a little. Green is also considered a smoothing colour, more especially the pale and mid-tone ranges. While hunter green shows elegance and maturity. Don't forget that green is also the colour associated with jealousy, the green eyed monster, and doesn't suit everyone's taste. Having said that there are few homes which are totally devoid of green as it is one of the most commonly used colour in patterned curtain fabrics. Emerald green works well as an accent for rooms with muted tones of beige or pale greys. You can also use it to go bold and beautiful by pairing it with other jewelled colours such as ruby red and sapphire blue. Soft furnishings and window treatments are a great way to change the look of a room which doesn't require a full make over. Full length curtains, ready made Roman blinds, cushions and throws are ideal for introducing emerald green into your home. This season Retro designs are in-vogue, and you don't have to live in a home with this interior design style to enjoy the wonderful array of patterns and colours. If you prefer a more subdued look try using emerald on a feature wall. Plain walls will give you the opportunity to include pattern and texture via your soft furnishings. If you're going bold this season why not combine emerald with indigo blue to create an intensity of colour which oozes chic style. Perfect for traditionally styled homes this colour pallet will look grandiose in bedrooms and bring an formal charm to living rooms. Use creamy tones as accents otherwise your rooms could end up looking a little dark and foreboding. Green is the ideal colour for use in shower rooms as it's so energising, it is also believed that it can also help improve concentration making is perfect for home offices and studies. If you've never intentionally used green before in your colour scheme or décor branch out and bring a touch of Spring into your home.

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